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Hess Corporation is an American petroleum and natural gas exploration and production company organized in Delaware and headquartered in New York City. It was founded in 1933 by brothers Leon Hess and John Hess.

Hess Corporation operates through three segments: Exploration and Production (E&P), Refined Products, and Marketing. Within E&P, Hess operates both upstream (production) operations as well as midstream activities that include gathering systems, transmission pipelines, storage tanks, natural gas processing facilities, oil transportation trucks/systems/storage terminals. Midstream assets are connected to our upgraded legacy refinery system via pipeline infrastructure which provides feedstock supply to the refinery for production of refined products.

In the United States, Hess operates in the Appalachian Basin from southwest Pennsylvania to northern Alabama and in South Texas. In Canada, Hess is focused on three core areas: Alberta Foothills and British Columbia where we have a combined total 200,000 net acres; in each area we are utilizing both our legacy E&P position as well as through expansion opportunities.

Outside North America, Hess has production operations in Western Siberia and Abu Dhabi which combined represent approximately 80% of consolidated hydrocarbon reserves. In addition, Hess holds exploration acreage offshore Ghana and Suriname representing up to 50% interest in the Zafarani bloc under license from Gulf Drilling International Limited ("GDIL").