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The Foot Locker company started back in 1974, when two young men from New York City, were looking for a way to make some extra money. They began selling sneakers out of the back of a car at a price that other stores would not sell them for. As they gained popularity and made more money, they decided to open up their first store. Since then the company has been thriving with over 340 locations worldwide.

The story begins as David Stern and his partner James Katz bought three pairs of Puma shoes from a distributor who was just about to close down shop. They were one pair short so they tried selling them by putting them on ice skates and going around to different ice rinks. It was successful but it still was not enough shoes. So they had an idea to go back to the distributor, and buy as many shoes as they could (which cost $50) and put them on ice skates again. They went around with 100 pairs of shoes on ice skates and got rid of all of them within half a day. This is how their company Foot Locker began.

The Foot Locker company has been going strong for 40 years now, with a retail sales revenue of approximately 3 billion dollars in 2014 alone. During the mid 80s it expanded from just being a shoe store to including clothing as well. In 1989 it opened its first Kids Foot Locker location.